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Subject: Details on how the site works
Posted by Shadowkiller on 2016-03-30 02:07

As you can see the site right now is a bit bare bones, and that is because this is still very much a work in progress. Though there are somethings that are built in right now. As you can see from this post you can add an Avatar, a font color, a signature, and a signature picture. All of this can be added to your account from the Edit Account link.

The two main ones

Font colors, they have to be a color code, not a word like blue. Here is a spot you can get a code from This color works for both the chat and the Forum.

Avatars you currently have to link to an outside host until I set up a default list for Avatars. The same for sig pics, though there won't be a default list for that.

Something worth noting, in the chat the whisper drop down will list everyone logged in and browsing the site and just not in the chat. You will also need to have your user level upgraded to be allowed to start threads, though I may change that since the captcha I am using is actually doing it's job of keeping spammers out.

I would like to hear from everyone on feature they would like to see on the forums. To see the ones I have planned please see my first post.

Also please feel free to invite people here I don't have everybody on my friends list on Facebook. The more people here the easier fill to figure out things that need to be fixed or changed.


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